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Electronic Brooklyn Fest starts tonight (11.11) with Reggie Watts, Diamond Rings and Matthew Dear

What better way to celebrate tonight's monumental astrological equation than with the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival! Although this is not an event restricted to NYC artists, there will be many involved. Famed comedian turned electronic guru Reggie Watts (in the picture) stops in at Cameo tonight for a live set of full on electronic bombast meets vocal percussion. Heavyweights Diamond Rings (in the video) and Matthew Dear will also perform. Full lineup here.
P.S. Those interested in browsing electronic artists organized by web buzz and region should check out THIS LINK.


Quilt -- 11/9 Glasslands Gallery CD Release

Boston-based psychadelia trio Quilt celebrated their self-titled record release Wednesday night, at the aesthetically appropriate Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn.  Upward spirals of utopian-esque vocals clothed with jangly guitar riffs filled the somber brick building for an hour that has been lost in the space-time continuum. Released on Mexican Summer Records, Quilt, is the awakened love-child of Shane Butler, Anna Rochinski, John Andrews and, now former member, Taylor Mcvay, who was their drummer pre-release and wrote most of the new material.

After the rolling kaleidoscope of Cowboys In The Void and the droned-out, vocal-heavy Young Gold, Andrews pounded the audience into Commodity Spectre, off of their 7’’ release, Agents of Play.

Quilt’s visual hallucination-inducing sound is no surprise given their background as visual art students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Their namesake gives way to the textured two and three part harmonies, stimulated by lucid tambourine and synth waves that illuminate the band’s strong euphoric vibrations. Their album is available as of Nov. 7th on vinyl and, appropriately, cassette tape.

--Maria Jean Sullivan


Weekly Feature: Indian Rebound - Live at Arlene's Grocery, December 4

Exploring the dimensions of New York City band Indian Rebound transports you to a world of timeless music. Drawing on influences that point towards the original 1960’s English invasion, these super young musicians somehow manage to confer a classic, yet still modern feel to their tunes. The band is now working on a new collection of songs, we'll definitely keep an ear out. - Read Dave Cromwell's Q&A with the band here here.


Pangaea: When The Continents Were One at The Rotunda Nov. 11

Record label and music collective earSnake, and its leading symphonic virtuoso Michael McDermott who is better known as Mikronesia are no strangers to using multi-media to weave art into their elaborate soundscapes. So it should come as no surprise to anyone in the know that Mikronesia has been hard at work on a multi-media opera for the past 15 years. The end result Pangaea: When The Continents Were One debuts at the Rotunda tonight and conjures up a tale of new mythology about the first humans who lived on the super continent. It will be backed by a 17-piece ensemble of strings, horns, flute, percussion, piano, electronics, and guitars with a lineup of vocalists that include Lillie Ruth Bussey, Steve Quaranta of Paper Masques and Zelda Pinwheel, and Gemini Wolf’s Megan Pandar Cauley among others. This vibrant world will come alive thanks to life-size puppets courtesy of Liza Goodell of Spiral Q Puppet Theater, masks by Tigre Bailando, and intense visuals courtesy of VJ Nico Dominguez. Come experience the spectacle! The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St., 8pm, $10, All Ages - Bill McThrill


Weekly Feature: Minks

Remember that Weird Al parody of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" where he has all the marbles in his mouth? That thought couldn't help but spring to mind as "Funeral Song" by MINKS was on rotation. The mumbling is endearing, though, as if lead singer/songwriter Sean Kilfoyle is almost too shy to enunciate what he wrote. Instead, under swirling fuzz, chugging bass and melodic guitar strums, he weaves tales about summer and alcohol that only the most developed translator can fully interpret. Their record label (Captured Tracks) compares MINKS to a cassette of Cure demos birthed by Robert Smith. Most reviewers would describe MINKS, if required to peg them to a genre, to be kind of "shoegazey". But, to be quite honest, MINKS is beyond shoegaze. Their music is gazing past your shoes and through the floor. This is earthcoregaze. And again, to be quite honest, it's kind of glorious. - Read alison levin's interview with the bands here.