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Nonagon "People Live Everywhere"

Nonagon is raw, wild, loud, and so enjoyable on a primal level. Their latest ep, People Live Everywhere, reminds of Fugazi, dirty basements, high school, and what made me fall in love with music so many years ago. Check out the lastest from Robert Gomez, John Hastie, and Tony Aimone (aka Nonagon) below.


Serengeti "Shazam" Video

Last week we shared the new track from Serengeti, "Shazam", and now we can share to equally silly and amazing video. The Kenny Dennis Ep is coming this April via Anticon.


Raw Geronimo: sprightly surf pop with an attitude

Laena Geronimo, singer and multimistrumentalist for Raw Geronimo, displays a rhythmic swing that's both lively and trippy. With a vocal pitch that varies from playful to ominous (but ever so sticky sweet), Geronimo feels so seductively at ease that its contagious. She's the driving force in "Role Play" a bouncy, twangy ditty that effortlessly crosses different decades (fifties nostalgia, fun in the sun beach vibes, and seventies Rough Trade post-punk) with a breezy, irreverent tongue-in-cheek slant. 


Blood Beach - The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost

When a discerning blog listener sees that a band has the word "Beach" in its name and "Ghost" in its latest album title, they probably have a clue just what style of music they're about to get into. Amidst the flurry surf rock revival in recent years, it's easy to be dissuaded by this kind of now-familiar branding. Fortunately for us, Blood Beach pulls it off with great success. All the right ingredients are here: plenty of fuzzy distortion, chilly reverb, and energetic rhythms perfect for any punk beach party.
Psychedelic and eccentric--complete with the eerie inflections of a theramin--The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost is reminiscent of the sci-fi garage rock of the late 1960's and 70's to an even greater extent than Blood Beach's genre-based peers such as Wavves and Ty Segall. Which is to say that many folks could hear this album and assume it actually was released in 1969, a feat that not many contemporaries can claim. Yet Blood Beach is certainly aware of the fact that they are paying tribute to the era and not of the era, as evidenced by the track titled "To Adam, <3 Mother", a clever homage for a Pink Floyd fan. These guys have done their homework and it shows.
The Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost LP can be purchased at the group's Bandcamp, where the album is available for streaming as well.
-- Will Mehigan



Pearl & The Beard headlines Music Hall of W'burg on 02.16

This Thursday night is not to be missed at Music Hall of Williamsburg, with Pearl and the Beard headlining what is sure to be a powerful, fun and entertaining show. This truly talented trio comes stacked with strong vocals, a plethora of instruments, lyrics to pull you in and just enough quirkiness to keep you coming back for more. They defy the standards of folk, gospel and Americana, engaging audiences of all tastes and styles with their original sound and truly likable personalities. If you haven't been to a Pearl & the Beard show yet, make this the night. You're bound to return for more music, more soul, more energy and more love. ~CM