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Whiskey Shivers' video selected for projection at Deli/INDMUSIC CMJ shows

In Whiskey Shivers’ "Gimme All YourLovin" video, Brad Pitt good looks and a bow tattoo totally forgive the dead bodies under the floorboards. This video was selected to be projected in between bands at The Deli/INDMUSIC CMJ Music Marathon Shows


Deli - INDMUSIC Video Competition Winners!

A few weeks ago The Deli teamed up with INDMUSIC to find the best unsigned and independent music videos to be featured between sets during some of The Deli's CMJ showcases at this year's Music Marathon. After hours and hours of "music-vision", The INDMUSIC staff finally delivered the list of winners - here's a playlist of all the selected videos. Starting today we'll slowly upload the ones we like in our local blogs. INDMUSIC is a Youtube Network designed to help bands monetize their video content without sacrificing creative control.


Come Be Weird at The Deli Philly’s Halloween Partay!

We love Halloween!!! We are excited to announce that we’ll be throwing a Halloween Partay on Saturday, October 29 at PhilaMOCA with The Extraordinaires, Circadian Rhythms, Netherfriends, and Thom McCarthy! It will also be Circadian Rhythms’ vinyl release show, and McCarthy will be decking himself out to bring you his best renditions of some of Elvis Presley’s finest tunes. And with The Extraordinaires headlining, you never know what will happen. Come be weird with us, and dress for the occasion!


Blackbells release “IxI” EP on 10.12 at Mercury Lounge

On October 12, Brooklyn’s rock quartet, Blackbells, is welcoming their new EP, “IxI” into the music world with an early show (6:45pm doors) at Mercury Lounge. Accompanying the release (it is officially out digitally today.), the EP’s seductive, opening title track is a music video available on Baeblemusic. “IxI” features tracks that fans have been hearing and enjoying live for months, including sultry, hooking, and psych-rock-riff-ridden “The Shelf,” “Shoestring Lolita,” “Testify,” and “Bad Bones.” Tickets for tomorrow’s show are available for purchase here. –Meijin Bruttomesso


Album of the Month: Rachael Yamagata "Chesapeake"

After three years of silence, Arlington's own Rachael Yamagata is returning with fresh new record, Chesapeake. The album was officially released October 11 on her own Frankenfish Records.

This album is a slight departure from stormy wooziness and generally sad overtones of her previous records. Instead, the lyrics on this album lean toward the optimistic side of love. In fact, Rachael says so herself in "The Way it Seems to Go" - "I'll be the voice of hope in your darkest hour...I'm an expert in the silver lining." But, don't let the brighter moments of this record fool you, there are certainly deeper emotional layers present. You get the feeling as the album progresses that the optimism is tinted with  frustration, like her words are reaching out to grab and shake a hesitant lover that just refuses to come around and join her in the version of true love that she believes from skin to bone, down in her heart and in her gut. With that in mind, the album feels familiar and very real. It is a little bit sexy and pouty and it wants you to get close and feel it. (This album review was not supposed to be dirty, I swear.)

The songs embrace a rauchier version of jazz and the blues than much of Rachael's previous recordings. In fact, when taken together with the sprinklings of subtle tribal beats and southern folk instruments, Chesapeake takes on a much more distinctively "American" sound, in a very classic sense. This fresh in spite of itself sound is a wonderful pair with her signature, breathy voice that so easily pushes listeners to brink of infatuation. There are also some very unexpected and impactful sonic moments remniscent of 90's alternative and pop-rock, especially on the debut single, "Starlight."

My final thought is that Chesapeake feels like a natural progression from the heavy hearted, Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart. But, it's certainly less sad, and if sad is what you're really into, then the shift in emotion on this album may leave you feeling a bit...well...sad. But for the rest of you, this album is a highlight worth checking out in an October that is absolutely full of great new releases.-Jarrett