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Kasia "Isn't Love Strange?"

Jazzy Indie Pop Vocalist Kasia recently released a new single called "Isn't Love Strange?".

This is the second official from the solo project of Catherine Krol of Honey Cellar.


Capital Soiree @ Beat Kitchen (5.12.23)

Capital Soiree recently released a new EP called "Reruns". This is the band's first EP since 2020's "Being Lonely".

You can catch Capital Soiree at Beat Kitchen on May 12th with Brigitte Calls Me Baby and The Weekend Run Club.



Led Zeppelin 2 @ Fitzgerald's 5.12.23

Led Zeppelin 2 (LZ2) is set to perform at Fitzgerald's this Friday, May 12th. The performance is to honor the 20th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin’s How the West Was Won. The album was a triple vinyl release of the legendary band's June 25, 1972 live performance.

LZ2 is Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest), Greg Fundis (Old Shoe), Matthew Longbons (Ghettobillies) and Paul Kamp (Busker Soundcheck).

You can catch LZ2 perform what they are called “How the Mid-West Was Won" on May 12th at Fitzgerald's.


Lifeguard "17-18 Lovesong"

Lifeguard has released visuals for the opening track, "17-18 Lovesong", of their forthcoming EP, "Dressed in Trenches", which is set to be released via Matador Records on July 7th.

Their new label will be pairing this EP with the trio's 2022 EP, "Crowd Can Talk", on a 12" vinyl release.

The band will be touring the country all summer and will be returning home to perform at Thalia Hall on August 13th with Horsegirl.


DZ Riley "Motel 6"

DZ Riley recently released a new single called "Motel 6". This is the second single from the group since the release of their 2020 debut album, Entropy.

This is the work of Noah Savoie (Music, Lyrics, Piano, Organ Hand Percussion), Gracie Lubisky (Lyrics, Vocals, Hand Percussion), Keefer Schoon (Music, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Hand Percussion), Jakob Morris (Bass), Ben Pavlik (Muted Trumpet, Electric Guitar), and Hugh Maxey (Drums).