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Mucca Pazza @ Unity Park 6.10.23

Marching Band legends Mucca Pazza recently released a new album called GET PUMPED!.This is the first new album from the group since 2014's L​.​Y​.​A..

You can catch Mucca Pazza at Unity Park (2636 N. Kimball Ave.) on June 10th from 12 to 2pm.


The Empty Pockets "Make It Through"

The Empty Pockets have released a new single called "Make It Through". This is the second new single from the group since the release of their 2022 album, Outside Spectrum.

You can catch The Empty Pockets at Chicago Theatre on June 10th with George Lopez.


Twin Coast @ The Fallen Log 6.2.23

Twin Coast recently released their debut EP, "Twin Coasts". This is the work of Kira Isbell and Reid Isbell.

You can catch Twin Coast at The Fallen Log (2554 Diversey Ave) on June 2nd with Seventh Cloud Society and Joe Glass.


Dirty Blond "I Make The Same Mistakes"

Dirty Blond has released a new single called "I Make The Same Mistakes". This is his second single of 2023 and second since the release of his 2022 album, FAWN.


George Arthur Calendar "Thrift Kiss"

George Arthur Calendar recently released his latest Synth Pop gem, "Thrift Kiss".

This is his second single of 2023 and fourth since the release of his 2021 album Paradox.