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Hot tracks/Hot takes: The Down & Outs

HOT TRACKS/HOT TAKES: The Down & Outs released three singles in 2021, a triptych that pretty well summed up the experience of living through 2021 or they did for me at least (see "Free Assocation" section below). These three songs, self-described as the beginning, middle, and end of D&O Chapter Two, mark a transitional, exploratory phase for the post-punky power trio—and who doesn’t identify with the whole “transitional phase” thing these days ammirite?—a triptych which taken together makes for an attractive mantelpiece display or stocking stuffer for Grandma!

FREE ASSOCIATION: The sound of pent-up energy released. Then pent-up again. Then dissected and stitched back together Ed Gein style. Then revivified via electrical-current Bride of Frankenstein style. (“She’s alive! She’s alive!”) White knuckle fight-or-flight response. Frantic. Volcanic. A danceable panic attack. Built up by deconstruction. Minimalist maximalism. Intimacy from a distance. A remote Zoom call broadcast from the inside of someone’s skull to the inside of your skull. (see Brainstorm trailer below)

SONG ONE: “Last Party On Duke Street”
Release date: 16 April 2021
Duration: 2:58
Lead-in: the sound of muted guitar string scraping like someone trying to dig out of a Turkish prison cell
Groove: mid-tempo strut
Freak out begins at: 0:41
Breakdown and/or breakthrough section begins at: 1:57
Lyrical daily affirmation: “You’re so cool and everybody loves you / loves the way you make the feel”

SONG TWO: “Jealous//Unreal”
Release date: 10 September 2021
Duration: 5:57
Lead-in: the sound of New Order’s drum machine after a rough night out
Groove: looping loping Krautrock
Freak out begins at: 0:39
Breakdown and/or breakthrough section begins at: 1:54
Lyrical daily affirmation: “If you love me so / why don’t you show it?”

SONG THREE: “White Hot Heat”
Release date: 12 November 2021
Duration: 2:43
Lead-in: Jimi Hendrix joins Death Grips
Groove: Jah Wobble circa PiL
Freak out begins at: 0:01
Breakdown and/or breakthrough section begins at: 1:34
Lyrical daily affirmation: “No thoughts, no pain, no dreams in here”

FiNAL PRESCRIPTION: Take two (or all three!) songs on an empty stomach, washed down with a shot or two of ouzo, and don’t call me in the morning. Because you’ll be out cold for most of the day, most likely dreaming about Christopher Walken crawing inside of your mind, which is really just exactly what you need innit? (Jason Lee)


Josh Caterer "At Last"

Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes) has released a live album he recorded earlier this month at The SPACE via Pravada Records. The setlist that night included an array of standards including the Bee Gee's "I Started A Joke" and the Frank & Nancy Sinatra song “Somethin’ Stupid” which finds Josh teaming up with his daughter Phoebe. For this set Caterer performed with John San Juan (Hushdrops) on bass, drummer John Perrin (NRBQ) and Total Pro Horns, Max Crawford, Paul Von Mertens, Henry Carpender.

The album's lead single is the fantastic arrangement of the Etta James classic "At Last". This album is the follow-up to The Hideout Sessions which was released back in March.


Shredded Sun "SOS Phantoms"

Shredded Sun have released a new EP called "SOS Phantoms". This is the first new music we have from the trio of Nick Ammerman, Sarah Ammerman, and Ben Bilow since the release of Land Lines back in 2016.

The three formed Fake Fictions in the mid-2000's and released their debut album, Raw Yang, in 2006. They played their farewell show in 2009 and surprisingly reemerged as Shredded Sun in 2016.


French Police "Plant Based Girl"

French Police have released a new single called "Plant Based Girl". This is the Coldwave group fronted by the talented Brian Flores.

You can catch French Police at Empty Bottle on January 8th with Lilac and Virgin Mother.


Atheena "Live At DZ Records"

LoFi Punk duo Atheena has released a live album that was recorded earlier this month at DZ Records. The session features several songs from their recently released demo EP and a new track called "High-Fiving MF".

You can catch Atheena at Reggie's Rock Club as part of Winter Wreck on January 9th.