The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

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The Poison Arrows "Shallow Grave"

The Poison Arrows have released a second single, "Shallow Grave", from their long awaited 4th studio album, War Regards, which is due out via File 13 Records on February 25th.

This is veteran trio of Patrick Morris (bassist), Adam Reach (drummer), and Justin Sinkovich (guitarist/vocalist).

You can catch The Poison Arrows at Metro on February 5th with FACS and Girls Against Boys.


Kay Eye "lettaGo"

Kay Eye closed out 2021 by releasing a new single called "lettaGo". The single is accompanied by a video direct by Ideapathy, and find Kay Eye flowing over a beat by Bandino World.


Michelles “Illusions”

Michelles have released the first single, "Illusions", from their forthcoming album, The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll, which is due out on March 8th.

This primarily the work of Michael Daly who is joined on this album by Ryan Farnham on drums.

When asked about this first single Daly had this to say; "“Illusions” was one of the last songs written for the album. Lyrically, it dances around the idea of the masks we wear, literally and metaphorically, the desire to transcend these disguises, and how on some days it really does feel like the sky is falling, but you have to have some lingering faith in the universe just to get up and do it all again.”


Misfire "Fractured"

Thrash metal trio Misfire has released the first single, "Fractured", from their forthcoming debut full-length album Sympathy For The Ignorant will be available on April 1st via MNRK Heavy.

This is the work of Jay Johnson (Guitarist/vocalist), James Nicademus (Drummer), and Sean Coogan (Bassist/vocalist).