Basic Printer Releases "Good Weird" Featuring Del Florida to Help Stop Human Trafficking

Basic Printer  and Del Florida have brought us anything but 'basic' music.  With this latest release titled "Good Weird," we get funky melodies mixed with electronic beats and jazzy harmonies.  It's REALLY a weird way!  Changing the world with this track, Basic Printer is donating $1 per Facebook share of their latest video to a charity called "Free For Life International" - a non-profit that saves victims from human trafficking.  I love to support a band with an awesome agenda, and this is one I can get behind!  While this is a band who has a truly unique sound, they've been influenced by Tobacco, Radiohead, and Elephant 6 Artists.  So go share their video to break Basic Printer's bank!  - Christine Harazim


The Broomestix transcend generations capturing the magic of timeless funk and soul

With its groovy instrumentation, and killer lead vocalist, the young and infectious talent of the Broomestix will have you up on your feet ready to dance, in no time. Fitted with incredibly well arranged originals, the band members produce a sound reminiscent of funk/soul legends like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Aretha Franklin. The groups up-and-coming success not only stems from its original content, but also from its exalted high-energy live performances, taking place in the Nashville area and dozens of states along the east coast. The group has released two albums, jam-packed full of quirky horn riffs, fat chords, insightful lyricism, and smooth vocals; both are available on Spotify for your pleasure.

Catch the Broomestix live at the Douglas Corner Cafe, October 12 at 8:30 PM!



Groovy Indie Rock

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Alfonso Velez
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New Hardwork Movement EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

On their first release as a fully fleshed nine-piece, Hardwork Movement develops a sonic depth. A soulful brand of hip hop is led instrumentally by the triumvirate of bass, keys, and drums. Peppered with accents of flute and trumpet, the group creates a well-rounded tone amid the confident authority of intertwined lyrically spoken and sung vocals. For The People captures a pensive, proactive place, stepping forward into the moment. You catch the collective tonight at Underground Arts, where they will be in party mode, supported by Ill Fated Natives and Aleana.


New Track: "Hofner" - Night Bloom

J. Termini (a.k.a. Telequanta) and Patrick Schlitzer join creative forces as Night Bloom. Bright keys and a funky, lo-fi undercurrent lay the foundation to their new single “Hofner.” Entranced by the groove, a melodic cosmic tale of yearning emerges. BTW: I think that we’ve made up our mind.