Shea Stadium hosts holiday show with Yucky Duster, Bueno, Fits, and Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands 12.21

When the longstanding Brooklyn DIY landmark Shea Stadium was forced to close its doors this past spring things looked grim. But, at the end of what’s been a long and difficult year for so many more reasons, Shea has thankfully managed to keep going in the interim by hosting events at other venues while it hunts for a new space to inhabit. Closing out the year, Shea brings a lineup of local favorites to Brooklyn Bazaar on December 21st: Yucky Duster’s scrappy punk, Bueno’s crispy alt-rock, Fits’ unhinged DIY energy, and Emmerson and Her Clammy Hands' intimate bedroom songs. Though Shea is still deep in the process of finding a new home, let’s hope this is the only year without a stadium. – Cameron Carr


Bueno lands residency at Shea Stadium on Jan 14-26 and Feb 06

In their recent sophomore LP 'Illuminate Your Room,' Staten Island's slack rockers Bueno display a knack for unique story telling sung over a perfect mixture of sloppy-yet-organized instrumentation. If that brief description, and the band's self congrutalory name, aren’t enough to convince you of their goodness, it may impress you the fact that these guys, after an east coast tour in the fall of 2016, are starting off the new year right, with what appears to be a three date residency at Shea Stadium on January 14th and the 26th, and on February 4th.  - Joeclyn Huggler


Bueno set to release sophomore album 'Illuminate Your Room' on 8.19

Staten Island band Bueno is set to release their sophomore full length Illuminate Your Room on August 19th via a split release by Exploding In Sound and Babe City Records. While their previous releases were a raw but imaginative blend of garage ruck and post-punk, preview single “I’ve Got Your Back” veers toward a cleaner sound injected with slacker rock sensibilities reminiscent of Pavement. Frontman Luke Chiaruttini’s semi-spoken vocals examine life’s disappointments, and the fear of not being able to live up to expectations. - John Honan


Bueno plays Market Hotel on 6/25 + announces new album

If the word "bueno" reminds you of something yummy you eat during that awesome South American vacation, well, that memory has nothing to do with what this post is about.  Bueno is a Staten Island band that plays a modern brand of post punk with noisy and slacking tendencies.  These influences can be heard in their most recent album cassette release, Guilt, whose songs are blunt and simply relatable - a fragment of their lyrics that stayed with us proclaims: “there used to be a Burger King there, now there’s not.”  Part of the band's charm lies in its ability to discuss ordinary subjects in a way that is also evocative, but keeping a dead pan attitude.  Make sure to see them at Market Hotel on June 25th with The So So Glos and watch out for their soon to be announced upcoming LP. - Madeleine Grossman


Bueno shares new single 'C-C-C-C-Convenient' + plays Baked's Record Release on 8.20

Bueno has been a frequent name in our blog as of late.  It seems like every other week these Staten Island natives are playing a show somewhere, and rightfully so: they're a live band with a lot to offer, including an upcoming debut album (entitled, Guilt) and a tour with Baked.  Bueno started out as an improvisation-based band, but their songs have slowly been making the transition towards a more structured environment; we see this in their very recently released single, "C-C-C-C-Convenient" (streaming) The song is one of nihilism and frustration, a feeling fully embodied by Luke Chiaruttini, whose half talking vocals set the stage for a raucously hard hitting track: "Things are more convenient than it was back then/Sometimes I forget what it was like back then/Things now easier, fun and fair/It's nice to know that no one cares."  Bueno's jammy influences are ones for the books, because they've got it down to a T.    They're playing at The Silent Barn this Wednesday (8/20) - don't miss their set at Baked's record release show this Friday(8/22) because the lineup is one to blow you away: Ovlov, Bueno, Porches, and Baked- Jake Saunders 

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best guitar rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!