altopalo on the cover of Issue #56 of The Deli NYC - now out digitally!

Hola, peoples into emerging music!

The winter issue of The Deli NYC (our 56th!) is now up on the cloud (HERE), featuring glitch-soul luminaries altopalo on its cover!

The issue also tackles the current shift of everything cool from Brooklyn to Queens, and - as usual - highlights many local bands we dig (and their favorite gear).

There's also a special about the NAMM show, which we will participate in with our own Stompbox Booth featuring tons of emerging pedal manufacturers!

Fresh Buzz and NYC Records of the Month sections are never skipped!

Look out for the print version, out at the end of the month.

The Folks at The Deli


Fresh Buzz: Alto Palo's is the music of the present

There is a lot of excitement among musicians about the new musical technology brought by a new, powerful generation of synthesizers, audio plugins and guitar effect pedals - we know something about it because this blog is supported by the various music gear expo we organize. And yet, 90% or more of the new music we cover doesn't exploit this new technology to its full potential. If it's true that great songs don't need special effects, it can't be denied that the sound of indie has mostly turned stale, and that the genre is in desperate need of a sonic lift. Rock'n'roll has always been propelled by new technology: the electric guitar's role in the early days, the Beatles's experimental pop, Jimi Hendrix's creative use of feedback, Robert Fripp's tape-based music and Radiohead's sample mangling - just to mention a few - are all proofs that new technologyand experimentation are central to the genre's health.  
NYC's Altopalo is one of the few local artists we've heard this year that's accepting the challenge posed by this new technology. Their latest full length frozenthere is a collection of ambient-soul, experimental tracks seemingly played by an abstract orchestra of camouflaged instruments. The soulful vocals of Rahm Silverglade tie together a record whose BPM is slowed down to downtempo territory to allow and highlight the band's sonic exploration, and that carries on the conversation Tom Yorke and company started in 2000 with Kid A.  


Altopalo play at Pianos 09.01

We’re really excited to share the news about Altopalo's upcoming performance at Pianos. This band has proven themselves time and time again in both their recordings and on stage. Their latest project, noneofuscared, blew us away back in 2016 with an ambitious incorporation of soulful vocals and uneasy psych instrumentals, all in an experimental fashion. The album is a joyride for avant/experimental music listeners, thanks to their ability to combine and edgy production with soulful vocals. And, as we remember, these guys bring the heat live, rocking the Deli’s CMJ Electro Stage at Pianos a few years back, so be sure to check Altopalo out on September 1st at 9PM! – Pearse Devlin


Altopalo releases debut album 'noneofuscared' + plays Cameo on 10.18

Altopalo is a group of very young and skilled New York musicians who have a knack for mixing soul music and edgy psychedelic rock bordering on experimental music. The band - our artist of the month at some point last year - just released their debut album 'noneofuscared,' and it's one of the most daring NYC records we've heard this year. In all likelyhood, traditional soul music fans won't love it, but those who appreciate the experimental attitude that's at the core of the NYC scene will find a lot to like. Check out single "hahsnheads," streaming below, and see Altopalo live at Cameo on October 18 - the guys are TIGHT! - Photo by Colin Marchon.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Best of CMJ: NYC's Altopalo play Friends and Lovers on 11.05

Brooklyn-based Altopalo's latest singles, "Picchu Machu" and "Chagrinning", offer the kind of genre-mashing experimentations that feel oddly familiar, even if they're incredibly hard to explain. (Let's try anyway.) "Picchu Machu" (streaming) is dizzyingly down-tempo, its house beats pogo-ing into breakdowns that border on ambience. It totally works. Elsewhere, "Chargrinning" undulates synesthetically, the focus shifting from whispered vocals to sparse and airy piano interludes, culminating in a raucous instrumental section of clashed drums and 8-bit guitar acrobatics. Most impressive is that they do this as a live act too: we witnessed this at our own Deli CMJ Electro Stage at Pianos on October 25, and were floored by the guys instrumental skill. See them live on November 5 at Friends and Lovers with Ruby My Dear and The Pluto Moons.