New Track: "Jasmine Seeds" - Boon

All of Us Laughing is the forthcoming album from Boon, and will be released on March 29 via Glass Orchard Records. On its lead single, “Jasmine Seeds,” the steady march of percussion maneuvers forward as overlapping and intersecting vocals lines create a complex psych-pop harmony. Depending on which perspective one chooses to hear from, the song morphs into different shapes. It is as if multiple and at times, conflicting angles converge in a moment of clarity.


New Track: "Caterpillar" - Boon

All Of Us Laughing is the forthcoming album from the quartet of Boon, and is scheduled for release via Glass Orchard Recs. In the meantime, the band has shared a B-side, called “Caterpillar.” Enveloped in an aquarium-like atmosphere, the song explores personal transformation. Bubbles and echoes mix as a meditative, internal monologue moves through the membrane of one's mind.


Boon to bring psych sounds to Alphaville to 9/22

The transportive power of psych music is a tired cliche, especially in a scene overflowing with every flavor of psych rock imaginable, but Brooklyn-based Boon cuts through the packs with a sound that is distinctively immersive. Boon's brand of psych rock is multi-layered, glitchy, and nearly thick enough to wade through. Where other bands fall into pitfalls of rehashing ideas that have been tired since the late 70s, Boon presents the listener with edge-of-your-seat experimental tones and full-fledged freakouts that feel forward thinking instead of regressive. Check out the band streaming below and catch them live at Alphaville on 9/22. - Olivia Sisinni